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The Blox Photo Frame Collection


Examples of PhotoBlox photo frames

PhotoBlox are a simple yet stylish block frame that has become as popular as the box canvas and are seen as a permanent fixture in most photographic studios.

Available as either self assembly or finished product, this carefully crafted 50mm deep frame is a great way to finish an image.

Our block frames are the most durable available due to the hard mounting surface, and are available in a range of three colours; black, white and brown.



Our lightweight FloaterBlox panels are a very simple yet effective way of presenting your image.

FloaterBlox give the impression your image is floating on the wall by using a frame concealed behind the 5mm black polymer panel.

FloaterBlox are a great product that are available as finished product or self assembly.


AcryliBlox example frame

These Acrylic blocks are perfect for desktop or mantle piece display, giving depth and style to your images.

Each image is bonded to the back of the 20mm acrylic block which is protected by black vellum adding a luxurious  feel.

Available only as finished product in a range of sizes up to 8x10inches.