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Are you fed up searching for ‘framing near me’ without achieving results? Do you have a new piece of art that needs to be displayed ASAP? Say hello to Beaver Lodge Prints in Halstead, Essex. Established in 1993 with nearly 30 years of experience in the bespoke framing industry, our staff are the best in the game. We offer expert printing and framing services, including made-to-measure frames, and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. 

Beaver Lodge Prints guarantees a professional and comprehensive framing service for local retail clients and national trade customers. Note our retail customers benefit from advantageous factory framing prices, with several bargains available. Our extensive range of picture frames includes traditional, contemporary and modern designs to house anything and everything worth framing. 

This range enables us to create products suitable for all variations of artwork. Whether your favourite album, a beautiful fine art print or family memorabilia, Beaver Lodge Prints will provide a high-quality mount for your items to ensure they last the ages. 

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To see examples of our work, why not look at our Frame Gallery.

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Endless Framing Possibilities

Are you searching for a company that can do everything regarding printing and framing? Beaver Lodge Prints is the business for you. With a wide range of printing services available, such as photo, canvas or fine art printing, we will ensure that you have the perfect image to hang. If you cannot decide on a print, we stock over 180,000 to choose from, allowing you to transform your space with aesthetically popping colours and shapes. Are you unable to visit us in-store, or uncomfortable travelling? We additionally offer a remote framing service, with several other COVID-19 precautions in place. Our customers are our priority, proven by our 4.7/5 rating on TrustPilot. 

With our long-standing experience in working in bespoke picture framing, our staff at Beaver Lodge Prints have extensive knowledge of everything framing. Whether an entirely bespoke patterned frame or a sizeable made-to-measure frame, we use professional framing techniques in conjunction with modern machinery to cater to all creative requirements. 

Beyond our techniques, we use acid-free high-quality wooden frames in our offering, available in several colours. The acid-free mount prevents damage from chemicals. This dedication to preserving your item accompanies using several different types of glass so that your item looks its best. Curious about the work we have completed in the past? You can view our frame gallery here for an insight into all the treasures in your home that you may want to hang!

We can frame the following items (and much more!): 

  • Sporting shirts (football, rugby, cricket and beyond!)
  • Prints or posters
  • Memorabilia (such as tennis balls, music LPs or CDs, guitars, replica guns and football boots)
  • Mirrors
  • Embroidery, weaving and cross-stitches
  • Canvas prints
  • Photographs
  • Limited edition prints or artwork 
  • Graduation certificates
  • Your original artwork
  • Medals or coins
  • Cigarette cards

If you have questions regarding framing, printing, glass or more, contact Beaver Lodge Prints at 01787 272591 or email us here. With their specialist knowledge in picture prints and frames, our staff will have your latest investment proudly hung on the wall in no time.

Conservation Matters

All of our mounts used are ‘white core’, which are also known as ‘acid-free’.  This means that the damaging acids in the mounts have been removed. This removes any chance of damage caused by acids.

We also stock a wide variety of adhesives and tapes ranging from standard masking tape to acid-free gummed cloth tape. Our staff can advise which is best suited to the job in hand.

Our experts also have specialist knowledge on types of glass. We stock several different types from standard picture glass to non-reflective and UV protective.

We are trained to look at each job and advise on what products are best suited to the individual needs.  We don’t recommend products that are simply not needed but offer good honest advice.

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Bespoke Framing FAQ's

A bespoke frame is a uniquely customised and one-of-a-kind frame. This piece is often made-to-measure a print or artwork, whether canvas or fine art. Beaver Lodge Prints has circa 30 years of experience in creating bespoke frames.

The appearance of your bespoke frame depends on what the mount intends to compliment. Client ideas and the recommendations of the framer combine to create a perfect frame for your image. Staff at Beaver Lodge Prints will envision each job separately, providing reliable and honest advice.

The inexpensive frames on the high street are mass-produced in areas with low labour costs. In contrast, the units created by independent stores, such as Beaver Lodge Prints, are often handmade or created using specialist equipment. This measure naturally increases the price of a frame but ensures top-quality materials and craftsmanship.  

We utilise several framing techniques alongside modern machinery to ensure that no request is impossible for a perfect custom frame every time. To view the quality of our made-to-measure frames and ways you can add a personal touch, click here to view our frame gallery.

Sports memorabilia may be hung in several ways using our services. The most aesthetically pleasing way of doing this is by using a custom frame. At Beaver Lodge Prints, we not only specialise in framing photographs and prints but have extensive experience in displaying memorabilia, particularly sports shirts. 

When displaying your shirt, we can discuss several styles for the frame. For example, you can have the item isolated within a frame or include a range of photographs, sports equipment and medals to complement the object.

Beaver Lodge Prints can hang almost anything using our high-quality bespoke framing. Whether mirrors, limited edition prints and posters, your original artwork or beloved photographs, we will be happy to transform your wall space into a hub of memories.

Need a general idea of what Beaver Lodge Prints can hang? You can view the list above. We will try to mount anything possible (within reason!) for the ultimate bespoke framing experience. 

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